IMPORTANCE OF THE QUALITY: : It is required to open very large doors upwards if those buildings requiring a large door openings (such as airplane and helicopter hangars, shipyard structures, factories of steel construction, and heavy materials warehouses etc) have no suitable room along side of the building into which the door is opened. In order to open such a large structure mentioned upward by struggling against gravity, it is necessary that some engineering problems of great significance (wind loads, door weight etc) must be solved, the lifting systems are reliable and the safety systems are designed well. Otherwise, such doors may expose extremely serious risks and minor neglects would result in very significant personal and asset losses.

Large doors (hangar doors), either being of side sliding type or of vertical folding type, are manufactured in accordance with specific details which are designed for such doors in order to ensure certain technical features and safety elements. Our company has developed unique and proprietary details which greatly facilitate production, transport, installation and use of these doors. With an experience of 20 years, it has engineering capabilities and equipment to find an appropriate solution for every environment and customer demand. Meeting NATO and US standards, our company's products are recognized.

It is a system consisting of a mechanism which opens large doors upwards (in vertical direction) as a single piece in case there is no room along side the building.


It is a system consisting of a mechanism which opens the door in multiple pieces upwards and, then also brings the vertical bedding system into its upper position, so it offers the entire door opening to the user without any supports where the door opening needed to be spread is very large.


It is a system that is used in those buildings where the door height varies along the door opening (for example, airplane hangars) and that consists of a mechanism which moves the door in multiple pieces upwards and then brings the vertical bedding system into its upper position, so it offers the entire opening to the user at desired heights and without any supports.



1) GENERAL Door components have a modular design and are manufactured in accordance with the project in the factory and are shipped to the workplace. Cutting, drilling and welding processes are not carried out in the workplace. The steel components are manufactured from galvanized steel or are dip galvanized. Visible surfaces are undergone a chemical surface treatment on the galvanized surface, then the surface is primed and painted with UV resistant enamel external surface paint. The steel structure comprising the internal construction of the door is manufactured in a frame form of modular type and is peculiar to our company. The flexible structure comprising the door surface is manufactured by mounting reinforced PVC coated polyester fabric on both sides of the door construction by means of special aluminum profiles. The installation process which consists of fastening the ready-made components with each other, mounting them between the tracks and then testing the system takes a shorter time compared to other known mounting applications.

2) SIDE TRACKS AND BEDDING SYSTEM Side tracks and roller system ensure the door to move stably in upward- downward direction by resisting wind loads. The steel cover profiles connected to the track system and the flexible structure comprising the door surface operate together, creating a layer which prevents the wind from passing into when the door is closed.

3) LOAD- BEARING UPPER CONSOLE Incorporating the mechanism which lifts the door upward and the motor system and allowing the door to be mounted into the building, the upper console is a structure made of steel construction and is connected to the building girder above the door. The load- bearing upper console has a design transferring the door weight to the building as homogenous loads.

4) FLEXIBLE SURFACE LINING Surface lining of the door is manufactured from reinforced PVC coated polyester fabric at both directions. Thread structure of the polyester fabric is of 1100 denier at the least. The flexible lining is fastened to the internal construction of the door by means of aluminum profiles having special clips and, folds and brings together at the upper point during upward movement of the door. Air void between the double- sided flexible surface linings provides heat insulation. Edges of the flexible lining apply pressure on the steel cover profiles connected to the track system, preventing heat losses via convection. The door surface does not create radar reflection.

5) PERSONNEL DOOR If requested, a personnel door of around 1m x 2 m may be provided within the main door. But, there is a suitable lintel distance above the door in case a personnel door is requested. The personnel door has an electronic system that prevents the main door from moving by cutting the power off when the door is opened. The personnel door handles are of panic bar type.

6) WING LOADS AND SPEED OF THE DOOR The door body and lining are designed in a manner to withstand at least those wind loads specified in TSE 498 standard and the required calculations are submitted for approval. Opening and closing speed of the door is 6-10 meters/ minute.

7) DOOR DRIVE SYSTEM AND MOTOR Door movement is ensured by winding of special ropes on the drum. The internal construction of the door is hanged at various points (2, 4, 6 or 8) and pulled upwards in a manner to avoid deflection. Those special ropes lifting the door are of tested and certified products. The steel structure profiles comprising the internal construction of the door are attached to each other by means of centrifugal locking roller mechanisms, thus the door is prevented from falling down in case of any accidents or damages. Reducer and motor system which drives the drum lifting the door upwards is connected to the direct drive shaft via a flexible coupling. Therefore, the door is ensured to operate stably, noiselessly and safely. Furthermore, this system does not fail and requires no maintenance since it has no intermediate drive mechanism such as belt and chain. The electric motor has an ultra- speed magnetic brake mechanism having enough capacity to bear the door weight. Therefore, the door can be stopped easily and safely at every desired position during upward and downward movements. When stopped, the door creates no sags and jerks.

8) SAFETY SENSORS AND WARNING DEVICES At the upper and lower points of the door, there are inductive limit sensors which limit the movement. These sensors prevent the door construction from moving beyond its limits. The door opening has infrared sensors controlling passages under the door. These sensors do not allow the door to move downwards when they detect an object under the door. There is a pneumatic sensor on the lower cord of the door. Therefore, the door stops without creating any pressure when it is in contact with an object during its downward movement. On the door, there exist buzzers and signals conforming to NATO standards and these devices signal as long as the door operates. Signalling devices are of Xenon flash stroboscopic type which can also be visible at daylight. Buzzers produce sounds of at least 106 db. one meter away.

9) CONTROLS Electric panel for operating controls is mounted on the wall beside the door. Those buttons enabling movements of the door are connected to the cable ends and are placed near the door in a free manner. The door moves as long as either the upward movement or the downward movement buttons is pushed; it stops when that button is released. Therefore, the operator can fully control the door and the accident risk is minimized. Against probability of button stuck, there is also a stop button beside the operating buttons. The door automatically stops when it comes to the end of its movement in upward or downward direction. The electronic control system of the door does not affected from electromagnetic waves inside airports.

10) SEALING COMPONENTS Under the door, there is an EPDM rubber main cord which fully touches on the surface. Insulation stripes are mounted on the door sides in a manner to prevent dust, dirt and air infiltrations.

11) MANUFACTURE AND INSTALLATIONDoor types and dimensions are determined in accordance with the characteristics of the location and customer demands. It is proceeded to manufacturing in our factory after the projects and strength calculations to be prepared by our technical service department are approved. Then the material manufactured is shipped to the workplace and firstly, the upper console is mounted into its place above the door opening. Subsequently, the drive system and motor are installed, and then the steel structure comprising the internal construction of the door is connected and put into operation. Door cords and sealing components are mounted after the flexible surface lining is covered across both faces of the construction. The required switch and safety adjustments are carried out and the door is delivered.

12) GUARANTEE AND MAINTENANCE Against manufacturing and installation defects, it is given a guarantee certificate covering maintenance and repair guarantee for two years which is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. If requested, a periodical maintenance contract may be entered.