Mekon Airplane Hangar Doors

Hangar doors are moving structures which can safely preserve valuable and sensitive machinery such as airplanes, helicopters and they also provide safely opening and closing of huge spans. Important engineering problems must have..

Industrial Doors

Vertically working Upwards Door have special mechanism inwhich high-strength aluminum support structured panels or galvanized sheet metal panels work in a method that they move vertically side by side at the upper side of the door.

Mekon Garage Doors

It is an imported system of good quality which acquires every kind of guarantee . It can be radio controlled by a remote which can be coded by user. Motor power is 1/2 Hp. It provides electromechanic locking and illumination of the garage.

Aluminium Roof Claddings

Roof and wall coverings. Silos, warehouses, factories in the construction. Gas stations. Shopping centers. Parking. As walls and ceiling.

Metal Casette Suspended Ceilings

Provide suitable lighting and insulation conditions as well as practical construction and reconstruction

Aluminium Paneel Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Cinema, theatre, conference halls, studios, terminals, post offices. Banks, hospitals, shops, offices.

Aluminium Panel 200 - Panel 250

Canopies, Cantilevers, Spinning Factories, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Terminals.

Mekon Practical Buildings

The building is composed by mounting the modules produced in the factory at the place of use with simple tools in a very short time

Superlift S66 Garage Door Opener

Power voltage: AC 220V~240V 50Hz. Lighting power: 12V 1W~10 W (Automatic switch-off after approx. 180 sec.)

Racking Systems

Sturdy, easy-removable, portable, custom solutions. Custom production, short delivery times

Broiler Chicken Growing Units

Turnkey order is taken.
Manufacturing time is 3 months. Capacity 50.000 Ad/45 days.


It is required to open very large doors upwards if those buildings requiring a large door openings (such as airplane and helicopter hangars, shipyard structures, factories of steel construction, and heavy materials warehouses etc) have no suitable room along side of the building into which the door is opened.

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