Practical Buildings

Mekon Practical Buildings
  1. The building is composed by mounting the modules produced in the factory at the place of use with simple tools in a very short time.
  2. The insulated sandwich panels can be installed on any flat surface over the base.
  3. The carrier structure is formed by 40 x 80 box frames and bolts.
  4. Roof is formed by TPS 40 sandwich panel with 15% of inclination. Wall panels are formed by painted steel or 0.50/0.40 sandwich wall panels or 0.80mm PET panels.
  5. Window and door joinery is PVC plastic or aluminum profiles. 4 + 12 + 4 is double glazing glass.
  6. It is resistant to first-degree earthquake zone requirements. Resistant to 75kg/m² snow and 100km/hr wind.


MODULE SIZES : Inside 200x300x240cm, Outside 216x316x262cm
MATERIAL : Galvanized steel sheet construction with floor &ceiling with 4cm aluminium sandwich trapeze panel floor and ceiling. Wall panels are aluminium framed 4cm PET sheet . Door and windows are plastic or aluminium. Vinyl floor or parquet covering is used on laying. Whole equipment is light and resistant to all climate and conditions. They are stainless, incorruptible, unmolding,germ free and dirt repellent.
INSULATION : Platform is lifted up from the ground. Water insulation at roof is provided. Heat conduction coefficient is ? =0,033Kcal/mhcº and the insulation in all 6 surfaces are equivalent to 86cm of brick wall.
VARIABILITY : In one module there is 1 piece of 100/240 door, 1 piece of 50/100 board with window, 1 piece of 50/50 board with window ,1 piece of electricity enterence board and 6 pieces of plain board. As all the boards are replaceable various combinations can be applied. Sanitation system connections are to be applied from the floor according to the desired combination.
ASSEMBLING AND DISASSEMBLING : Each module can be assembled and disassembled in 20 minutes by 4 unqualified person with simple hand tools ,without any need of electrical tool, crane, jack,etc. Module can be stored in disassembled form at a small area. If used carefully it can be assembled and disassembled several times without any damage. Aftersales service is not required.
PIECES : 1) Floor : 216 x 316 x 21 80 kg
2) Ceiling : 216 x 316 x 17 80 kg
3) Vertical members : 20 x 16 x 240 50 kg
4) Panels and Frames : 40 x 100 x 240 85 kg
Total : 295 kg
ADDIBILITY : Various combinations serving to alternative purposes can be applied by joining modules side by side. If required it can be put one on top of the other . Some application samples are enclosed.
TRANSPORTATION : 30 pieces of disassembled modules can be carried by one truck and loading and off-loading can be done by human power.
PROTECTION : This system and all the details are developed and taken under protection by MEKON PANEEL A.Ş. System cannot be produced, reproduced or copied neither partially nor completely without any documental permission.

Mekon Practical Modules Technical Specifications
  1. The standard size of the module (2,36 x 5,20 x 2,80m) is suitable for transportation and loading. 3 modules can be carried by one truck if transported in disassembled form and can bemounted at any planned area.
  2. 10 cm footings on corners allow easy placement of sanitary system.
  3. The possibility of complete joining the modules side by side and one top of another provides the ease of designing suitable volumes.
  4. It can be mounted on top of each other to maintain large volumes.
  5. The main construction is extracted from galvanized sheet iron of 3mm thickness in variety of tones coloured by enamel paint.
  6. Window and door frames are from qualified PVC profiles and glasses are 4+12+4 thermopane.
  7. The places of window and door frames can be easily rearranged according to the necessities.,
  8. The exterior side of walls are composed of PET panel and contains 40 mm of insulation./li>
  9. The ceiling is formed with twin panel and 60mm of isolation.
  10. The floor is formed with 40mm sandwich panel . Roof is formed with membrane coated twin paneel.
  11. The entire system is special design of the company and is under protection . Application without permission and copying is forbidden.
  12. Our prices are set according to an empty module with 3 units of window, 1 unit of door, 4 units of light and electric system with 2 pieces of sockets. Extra applications are possible if desired.
  13. We hope that our quality system which can be dismounted and mounted without any trouble and loss and can be used for many years will be appreciated by our customers.
  14. MEKON has the certificates of ISO 9001, patent and design protection documents, Production Efficiency, T.S.E. Standards, TSEK Quality, Guarantee Certificate of T.C. Ministry of Industry.

Ready Garage Module (18 M²)
  1. 21cm in height above the module chassis frame profiles and 50cm spaced support special twist with the sources of U profile of the merger is a solid structure and fully galvanized and painted.
  2. Module consists of 100mm x 80mm iron profiles with corners 3mm thick.
  3. External walls are RAL 9002 white painted, 0.4mm thick galvanized sheet metal with 60mm thick isolation. Inside internal walls are RAL 9002 white galvanized twin panels.
  4. Roof cladding is produced by membrane coating over 11mm of OSB. Water drainage is possible from 4 corners by hidden gutters. Interior ceiling is produced as RAL 9002 white painted galvanized steel twin panel with 60mm thick insulation.
  5. Garage entrance is Mekon P-44 which front side panels painted RAL 9002 painted sheet,and back side is covered with PET panel, and 50mm isolation covered inside, and controlled with remote control.