It is an imported system of good quality which acquires every kind of guarantee . It can be radio controlled by a remote which can be coded by user. Motor power is 1/2 Hp. It provides electromechanic locking and illumination of the garage. Lights get on and story for 6 minutes after the system works. Manuel operation is possible when the energy is off. The door reverses its direction automatically when it faces an opposite load while closing.


The frame consists of 10 x 5 cm galvanized steel U profiles on sides and 25 cm galvanized steel on top for the P44 raised panel or plain panel sectional steel door. The minimum space required out of door span is 10 cm on sides and 25 cm on top. Double top track is used up to 40 cm head- room space. The door can be made to slide up to ceiling on single track for the head - rooms greater than 40 cm. The frame can be invisably mounted to the inner side of the wall if there is a suitable space. The frame will be mounted on wall surface to provide side space if it non-exist. No blind frame is required. Only plastic fixings and standard screws are enough for installation. The plain bottom panel has the lock arm on it. The height adjustment and manuel operation can be maintained by the help of this panel. The panels contain the 50 mm EPS isolation in them. The standard colour is RAL 9002 Antique White. 20 x 60 cm lites can be used on the 4th panel of plain sectional door. The doors are spring balanced to maintain manual operation if desired. Maximum door dimensions are 400 cm x 300 cm.


The garage door dimensions are measured as door opening span in horizontal and door opening height in vertical dimensions. The vertical sides and horizontal top must be completely straight and perpendicular to each other in order to fit the frame regularly. The garage length must be enough to establish an operator. The dimensions given at the bottom must be specified in order to produce the door. The sample doors can be seen in the show room of our factory


An establishment team can be sent everywhere on desire.