Industrial Doors


Vertically working Upwards Door have special mechanism inwhich high-strength aluminum support structured panels or galvanized sheet metal panels work in a method that they move vertically side by side at the upper side of the door.The upper height over the door must be min.120 cm. All parts of the door can be produced from aluminium in order to maintain resistance against corrosion and rust, and to ensure lightness, except the parts of the door working mechanism and parts of the carrier construction which should be strong. Steel parts are painted after they are prevented from corrosion and rust by zinc galvanizing method. Door consoles are connected to frame (wall). The required spaces are min 12 cm on sides for frames and min. 50 cm for the operator. As the console is connected directly to the door frame, the door does not interfere with monorail crane.



Manufactured construction materials and doors parts are completely cleaned and degreased by alkaline bath in order to compose a surface suitable for painting. Then appropriate surface treatment is processed (chromating etc.), and painted by enamel exterior surface paint which is U.V. Rays resistant. All materials are brought to the construction area after painted in the factory.


Door material is manufactured according to the project and transfered to the construction field. No cutting, drilling and welding process is done on the construction area.


Frame is formed from high-strength aluminum support structured panels or galvanized sheet metal panels. Any desired colour can be painted applied as stated in above properties. Panel height, and panel thickness can be determined according to needs.


If lighting s required, one of the support panels on the door can be produced with translucent PVC surface.


Assembly process consists of mounting the prefabricated parts at the construction area and fastening it to rails, before activating the system.


When the door was cut off, manuel operation is possible with the pulley system. Additionally, there is a safety system that cuts off the operators energy when the manual control is active.


The doors opening and closing speed 6m/min.


Door drive is made by side fastened and redactored MEKON HERCULES 1 Hp operator. The operators work with 380V 50Hz three-phase draft and is controlled with the wall button. Door shall move as long as the control button is pressed and it will stop as soon as the button is realised. There exits stop buttons near the control buttons to prevent the possibility of malfunctioning like button squeeze. The door stops automatically when the door comes to the end of opening and closing directions.